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Code Reviews and Mentorship

Even the most well-architected software solution will fall down if the quality is not there in the codebase. It can lead to scaling issues, security holes or increased cognitive load for your engineering teams. I am able to offer a 'Virtual Tech Lead' experience, working with your teams either on site or remotely via pull requests to produce code that is maintainable, concise and secure.

What languages/ can I help with?

I am able to help with sofware systems written using the following technologies:

  • Frontend (React, Angular, Vue, Vanilla, HTML/CSS/SASS)
  • Backend Javascript (Node.js, TypeScript)
  • Desktop Javascript (Electron)
  • C# (.NET Core)
  • Golang
  • PHP

All I need to get started is an accessible Git repository (Github/Gitlab/Bitbucket etc). A two hour review of the codebase will be able to yield several starting points for further discussion. Contact me for more information.

Let's talk

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