Tom Hallam

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Speaking & Conferences

I speak about DevOps, Software Development and Platform Engineering topics at virtual and in person events. I will update this section as more get published online!

FinTechNZ - Introducing DevOps practices in FS environments

Here, I discuss how DevOps is not just about technology. It is the fusion of people, process and technology that seperates low and high-performing teams. My piece starts at 10m30s.

Beta and Beyond Podcast - Software is eating the World

Justin Mercer and I talk to Nigel Dalton at Thoughtworks about Marc Andresson's famous "software is eating the world" quote and what we're seeing ten years on.

CHCH .NET User Group - Evolving your Architecture with the Strangler Pattern

I discuss Martin Fowler's Strangler Pattern and how it can be used to evolve your API architecture piece-by-piece.

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